Walking towards the sun

Where is The Place ?

Do we find it or is it just a chimera ?

I love this road-trip towards the sun,

Looking at the fishing boats in the ports

Going into the Deep


One thought on “Walking towards the sun

  1. What does freedom means?
    Are we really free in this world?
    Every single things is political…
    Even though I feel that I try to keep my freedom
    I know it is totally utopia to think that we are free when we are living in a country with law, rules and so on
    We are in jail, but we do not realize that
    The only place I feel free is when my mind is traveling
    The world is so much better in my head …

    In our modern society, the new form of slavery it is technology

    We are the oppressed people of technology

    Nous sommes le peuple opprimé par les technologies

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